About my community person

This is my special project for WordPress community based on Gatsby and Markdown

About the idea

WPBRO fast and SEO optimized website for sharing with my friends and different community members the experience, experimental tasks, showcases and more...

About me

Dima Minka, modern web developer from Nothern Destrict of Israel... Im happy to try new technologies, new interesting projects... Have a lot of projects based Roots/Berock and modern starter theme Sage.

My WordPress projects run on UpCloud/DigitalOcean cloud's VPS and managed via RunCloud platform. If you have some issues feel free to contact me or my friends from great WordPress community.

Find Dima Minka or Modern WordPress developers in telegram

Test Message WPBRO telegram: @wpbro
Dima Minka telegram: @dimaminka
Russian WordPress community: @c_wordpress
Russian Elementor community: @elementor_ru